FAQs about the Steve Stefani Dance Marathon


1. What is the purpose of the Steve Stefani Dance Marathon?

To remember Mr. Stefani and to raise awareness for childhood cancer.


2. When and where is the Steve Stefani Dance Marathon?

Friday, March 31 - Saturday, April 1, 2017 in the Springfield High School Blue Gymnasium


3. How long is the Steve Stefani Dance Marathon?

15 hours. The event will last from 6:00 PM - 9:00 AM


4. Who is invited to the Steve Stefani Dance Marathon?

EVERYBODY! Especially Springfield/Morton community members, students, faculty, staff, family and friends.


5. Who is allowed to dance?

Any student or faculty/staff member from SHS as well as guests of participants who attend other high schools. All dancers get free food and drinks throughout the night, and lots of entertainment. Spouses & children of faculty/staff members are invited to dance as well.


6. If I am dancing, how do I get sponsored?

You can request donations from family members, friends, businesses, doctor offices, libraries, your teachers, etc. You can set up an online profile and send out emails to friends and families.


7. How much money do I need to raise in order to dance?

The respective amounts you need to raise are Dancers ($115), Committee Members ($150), Captains ($175) and Leadership Team ($200).


8. How long do I have to dance for?

Each dancer will dance or participate in activities for the full 15 hours. There is one rule: “No Sitting, No Sleeping, No Kidding!”


9. What activities are going to occur at the Steve Stefani Dance Marathon?

You will learn a line dance prior to Dance Marathon and perform it multiple times throughout the night; there will be dancing and thematic hours as well as ping pong, dodgeball, basket raffles, etc.


10. How can I contribute if I do not wish to dance?