Apply to be a Student Speaker at the 2019 Mini-THON® Leadership Summit

The Mini-THON Leadership Summit provides student leaders the opportunity to interact with peers and experts on a variety of topics. The summit serves as a personal and professional development conference intended to provide insight and knowledge to youth regarding success in leadership roles.

Student presenters lead breakout sessions on a selected topic to educate and inspire peers in the Mini-THON program. By sharing personal experiences and ideas, presenters gain skills in public speaking and confidence building. This speaking opportunity also provides a fun forum for peers to collaborate on new ideas for success within their Mini-THON roles.

Current and graduating students are welcome to apply to become student presenters at the 2019 Mini-THON Leadership Summit on August 9 in Hershey, PA. Click here to learn more about each session topic. Applications and are due by Sunday, May 5, 2019.

Apply to be Student Speaker