Lower Moreland High School Mini-THON® 2017

Join us on November 17, 2017

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Lower Moreland Mini -THON® participants are joining more than 90,000 students in a powerful movement to conquer childhood cancer.

Four Diamonds supports more than 80 pediatric oncology research professionals who are learning more about how cancer forms, how it can be treated, and how treatments can be more effective. This cutting-edge research will benefit children around the world.  

Lower Moreland's Mini -THON consists of 12 consecutive hours during which students may not sit, squat, or kneel; they may only stand, dance, and participate in numerous competitions and activities organized for them throughout the day.  

Last year, Lower Moreland High School raised $151,691.81 and we have set the bar even higher for 2017 as we work to break new ground in our 11th Mini-THON.




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Learn more about Mini-THONs and how Four Diamonds is inspiring, empowering, and activating youth and young adults in the fight to conquer childhood cancer by visiting www.FourDiamonds.org
Event Details

Where:                    Lower Moreland High School
Starts:                     11/17/2017 @ 10:00 am
Ends:                      10:00 pm
Check-in Time:      9:30 am
Contact:                 Seth Baron, Cody Pearson, and Matt Preedy
Phone:                   215-938-0220
Email:                    sbaron@lmtsd.org


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