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Twenty one years ago in 1998, a former A-C middle school teacher, Mrs. Joanne Custer, wanted to introduce her eighth grade English students to the importance of community service.  To accomplish this, she encouraged them to raise money for a walk around South Hills Park for a charity she had heard about called Four Diamonds.  Central Dauphin High School had done an overnight “Mini-Thon” and raised a great deal of money for families whose children have cancer, so she thought she could slowly introduce the idea of community service with the walk.  They raised just over $1,000, but the idea took hold in the minds of staff and students, and the culture of Annville-Cleona would never be the same.



Since that time when A-C became the third high school in Pennsylvania to work towards helping Four Diamonds, that small walk turned into a rock-a-thon and eventually a 12-hour overnight Mini-Thon event for high school students and an 8-hour Saturday event for middle school students.  Over the years, students have raised over $800,000 for the organization that has directly benefited current A-C students as well as children of staff members and alumni, and there are now 283 high schools raising over $7 million in 2018 for Four Diamonds!


We are excited to host our 21st annual "Imagine a Cure" Willy Wonka-themed Mini-Thon in 2019!  Our upcoming events include:   
High School Mini-Thon- March 8, 2019 (7am-7pm) 
Spring Yard Sale- April 27, 2019 
Powderpuff Football Game- **change!  May 30 (1pm)


How can you help support A-C?   You can support with a donation directing through Donor Drive, or you can be a business sponsor and be recognized in various ways.  Visit the links or see our social media and contact Mini-Thon Advisors Mr. Ryan Clements, Mrs. Sue Felty, or Mrs. Denyse Mohn. 
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