MCHS Flamingo Flocking

Join us on September 23, 2020

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Small Flock (12 flamingos) Available $15.00
Medium Flock (24 flamingos) Available $25.00
Large Flock (36 flamingos) Available $35.00

Conquering Childhood Cancer

Participants of the MCHS Flamingo Flocking are joining more than 90,000 students across the country to help conquer childhood cancer.

In the U.S., 16,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year – that’s two classrooms of kids every day. Dollars raised by MCHS Flamingo Flocking support some of the latest breakthroughs in childhood cancer research. Having a better understanding of how cancer works will help Four Diamonds’ researchers develop new, more effective treatments to test through clinical trials and save more lives.

Your support also ensures that every Four Diamonds child, regardless of income, receives the highest quality of childhood cancer care without ever seeing a bill for that care.

Learn more about Mini-THON and how Four Diamonds inspires, empowers and activates youth and young adults through philanthropy and community service at


How the event works:

This is a Manheim Central High School Mini-THON fundraiser in support of Four Diamonds. All donations received go directly to Four Diamonds at Penn State Children’s Hospital, an organization that is dedicated to curing childhood cancer. Treatment for a child with cancer can be expensive and seemingly never-ending. To make matters worse, many treatment plans are not covered by insurance. Four Diamonds offsets any expenses that a family’s insurance will not pay and ensures that the family never has to worry about a medical bill. Four Diamonds also supports cutting-edge research and an outstanding medical team at the hospital. 


A “friend” of yours paid us to place these pink darlings in your yard.

The flocking is done in good spirits and is not meant to be mean.


These flamingos will roost on your lawn until tomorrow evening when they will mysteriously migrate to another friend’s lawn. 


If you would like to specify a flocking of your own, you have visited the right place!


Of course, the removal of these flamingos will be done at no charge so please don’t hurt our pink feathered friends.


Again, thank you for your sense of humor and your support! 


We’d love for you to take a photo of your family with the flamingos and post on your social media #MCHSFlamingosFTK® 

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