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Conquering Childhood Cancer


Abigail Caperell     

Cara Agee

Isabella Busino

Ava Noone

Kaitlyn Peachey

Paige Dvorak

Mia Popielarczyk

Karissa Legaspi

Michelle Phillips

Amber Kingsbury

Billy Pell

Madison Skinis

Noah Rauch

Don McCuller

Danielle Hohman

Mercedes Hoberek

Katelyn Thompson

Hannah Schneider

Destiny Rixford

Sarah Brandon

Joseph Caro

Emma Horvath

Elizabeth McCuller

Sarah Seader

Jersey Sutter

Rhiannon Costanzo

William Duvall

Xander Kush

Bella Kush

Lilliava May

Madison Carr

Sarah Beers

Josie Sutter

Kayla Streight

Layla Yarmosh

Nadina Fahnestock

Olivia Erdman

Abagayle Kane

Nastalja Capasso

Rachel Davis

Participants of the Talent Show - Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School are joining more than 90,000 students across the country to help conquer childhood cancer.

In the U.S., 16,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year – that’s two classrooms of kids every day. Dollars raised by Talent Show - Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School support some of the latest breakthroughs in childhood cancer research. Having a better understanding of how cancer works will help Four Diamonds’ researchers develop new, more effective treatments to test through clinical trials and save more lives.

Your support also ensures that every Four Diamonds child, regardless of income, receives the highest quality of childhood cancer care without ever seeing a bill for that care.

Learn more about Mini-THON and how Four Diamonds inspires, empowers and activates youth and young adults through philanthropy and community service at www.FourDiamonds.org.

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