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Run 4 Funds!

Join us on January 29, 2024

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Hello, my name is Aaron Gingrich, Mr. Mini-THON contestant, and I am taking on the Run 4 Funds Challenge. What is it you ask? This is a running challenge where for every $15 raised I will run one mile. The goal for this event is $3,000 which will equal 200 total miles. These miles will be completed before the LDHS Mini-THON on March 15th. There are incentive levels that you can see below. Each of these incentives are different challenges to keep the Run 4 Funds initiative interesting. Thank you for your consideration in donating to Four Diamonds and their fight against pediatric cancer. 


When we reach a milestone, Aaron will have to do that challenge:

- At $100: Run a Mile with Mr. Payonk

- At $250: Run a Mile Backwards

- At $500: Run a Mile in a Suit

- At $750: Run a Mile in the School Hallways

- At $1000: Run a Mile Barefoot

- At $1500: Run a Mile Blindfolded

- At $2000: Run a Milk Mile 

- At $2500: Crawl a Mile

- At $3000: Run a Mile in High Heels

In the U.S., 16,000 children under the age of 19 are diagnosed with cancer each year – that’s one child about every 33 minutes.*

Four Diamonds is on a mission to conquer childhood cancer, and we are too. Dollars raised by Run 4 Funds! support some of the nation’s leading laboratory and clinical research programs to better prevent, diagnose, treat and cure childhood cancer.

The collective impact of our fundraising also ensures that every Four Diamonds child, regardless of income, receives the highest quality of childhood cancer care without ever seeing a bill for that care. Since 1972, Four Diamonds has helped more than 4,800 children and their families.

Learn more about Mini-THON and how you can be a Partner In The Fight to conquer childhood cancer at

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Date: 01/29/2024

Time: 11:30 pm - 12:00 am


Scott Payonk

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*National Cancer Institute