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Thank you so much for visiting my fundraising page and for considering a donation to Four Diamonds!
As you may know, in 2005 I had the opportunity to represent my fraternity's efforts by dancing in THON, Penn State's Dance Marathon. Four Diamonds, the beneficiary of THON, holds a special place in my heart after that long 48 hours on my feet. More recently (nine years ago) I again had the opportunity to get involved in a large-scale fundraising effort that benefited Four Diamonds: The South Western Mini-THON. Since then, student and staff participants in the South Western Mini-thon have raised over $360,000 for Four Diamonds!
As we approach the 2019 Mini-THON, our team is working toward an aggressive goal of $90,000. This money will help support the amazing work done by Four Diamonds, as it provides financial and medical support, as well as counseling services to families who face the heart-wrenching challenges of helping a child conquer cancer. Just as important, Four Diamonds provides financial backing for research related to the causes, prevention, treatment, and cure of pediatric cancer.
If you have a few minutes and a few dollars, would you sponsor me for our Mini-THON? We are planning to have over 500 South Western Students and chaperones dancing from Friday, March 1, until the morning of Saturday, March 2. Our student leaders have been working diligently to make this event a success. Please help us hit our 2019 goal of $90,000 and take our South Western Mini-THON total over $450,000 FOR THE KIDS!
NOTE:  Cash, Check, and Credit Card donations are ALL ACCEPTED and are tax deductible!  To donate, just click the blue button above! To donate using cash or a check, send me a message via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!



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