Hello Friends and Family!

For those of you who know anything about me, you know my love and passion for making a difference in childhood cancer is something I hold so close to my heart. 

I want to Mini-THON this year to raise money for kids with childhood cancer like the cancer my brother Tucker had when he was young. In the U.S more children die from cancer than any other disease, but Four diamonds is working to change that. Tucker was diagnosed with cancer at age 2. He had an undifferentiated sarcoma to the right side of his face and two times to his right lung.  He relapsed with cancer 3 times. He was then found cancer free in February of 2007 and now he is 13 years cancer free. Four diamonds is the best thing that ever happened to our family.  When Tucker was sick, we never saw a medical bill and that’s all thanks to THON and the Four Diamonds Fund. We Mini-THON For The Kids. 

I would like the opportunity to be able to give back to the families that have been affected by cancer like ours. I have attended the THON at Penn State since 2002 and haven't missed a THON since then. Also I have attended the CYHS Mini-THON since it started in 2012. THON is and will forever be the greatest event that we will ever attend in our lives. One day we hope to find a cure for this horrible disease. One day we will find a cure, until then let's just keep dancing. That all starts with your help! My personal goal this year is $3,000 all for the kids.  In order to make my Mini-THON a success, I am  requesting your support. I am  asking if you will consider donating any amount of money you see fit to the direct benefit of Four Diamonds. Will you help save a child's life and keep the focus of their family on the kids and not the bills? Please support my efforts to make a difference in the lives of children fighting childhood cancer. 

For The Kids™,



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