Every year I participate in my school Mini-THON. For you that do not know, Mini-THON is an event that raises money for the Four Diamonds Foundation that supports children with pediatric cancer and their families. This is extremely important to me. I raise my goal every year because I know with your help I can surpass that goal. Foundations like these are very important to me because when I was 7 years old my Grandma “lost” her battle with Breast Cancer. It was such a hard time for my family. As a 7 year old at the time, I sort of understood the pain my family and she went through so I can only imagine how it would be it were a pure little child that had to fight this evil battle. I look up to my Grandmother so much!!! I love and miss her everyday. Even though all the pain she went through she still always treated my brother and I with the most love in the world. She was so strong. She never showed any sign of pain to me. That alone at its self was so strong. She is an absolute inspiration! So please, help me raise money for this wonderful foundation so no family has to worry about anything but their child. I pray that one day the word “cancer” will be in the past and not a worry for the present or future. #forthekids 

Please consider donating anything that you can because honestly ANYTHING would mean so much!! Thank you!!!

Hello Friends and Family!

I am taking a stand against childhood cancer by joining more than 90,000 Mini-THON® students who are fundraising for Four Diamonds and kids like Devin.  

In the U.S., more children die from cancer than any other disease, with 16,000 kids diagnosed every year.  The dollars I raise support some of the latest breakthroughs in childhood cancer research.  Having a better understanding of how cancer works will help Four Diamonds’ researchers develop new, more effective treatments to test through clinical trials and save more lives.

Your support also ensures that every Four Diamonds child, regardless of income, receives the highest quality of childhood cancer care without ever seeing a bill for that care. But Four Diamonds needs your help to conquer childhood cancer. Please support my efforts to save more kids fighting cancer by making a donation today.

For The Kids™!

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