Hey everyone! My name is Alex and I am a Junior at AET taking the ENT-ENG pathway. However, grade, program, nor pathway is of precedence here, as this cause, raising money to help children and their families put into a situation that no one ever deserves, is so much more important.

My first experience with Mini-THON was in middle school. I attended Trailside Middle School, and the amount of humanity and involvement that was displayed by the entire community coming together to support and raise money for the Mini-THON was truly captivating and inspiring.

At the Academies of Loudoun, we not only have a lot of students, but a lot of the brightest and most talented students in the county. Because of that, I sincerely believe that with effort and distinction, the combined talents and skills of all of us at ACL, and of everyone else who helps to support us, will be able to help make a Mini-THON at ACL not only a reality, but a great one. I hope that we will sincerely be able to help make a difference in someone's life, and that all of us at ACL will be able to come together to give back to the community.

For The Kids™!

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