Hello Friends and Family!

I am taking a stand against childhood cancer by joining more than 90,000 Mini-THON® students who are fundraising for Four Diamonds.  

I have been a supporting member of Great Mills Mini-THON since 2018. I love creating and participating in fundraisers because it feels good to know that I am making a difference. The money donated helps provide money for research as well as provide money for children’s medical bills.

Over the past few years I have been able to to organize numerous events such as bake sales, Braid or Shave Weisner's Beard, GMHS Cookbook, and more!

Last year I, along with one of my fellow members, was able to organize the fundraiser, "Braid or Shave Weisner's Beard" which raised $800. (Weisner is our beloved Mini-THON advisor and math teacher)

This year our club goal is $5,000✨

I am proud to be a member of Mini-THON! I will continue to raise money to fight the cause, and I encourage you to help join me! Every little bit counts!! :)

For The Kids™!


Your donations are greatly appreciated and mean a lot!!!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey with me :)