Hello Friends, Family, and Alumni!

My name is Charles 'Skindog' Skinner, and I have been teaching at Great Mills High School since 1997! My goals include saving kittens from burning buildings and drinking the tears of my students, and my passion is to teach physics and engineering to high school students. 

In college, I went to Virginia Tech for a mathematics degree. I had a strong passion for teaching, which inspired me to become a high school teacher who has been teaching - nay, ENLIGHTENING - students with the WONDERS of physics. 

This GMHS MiniTHON club is a club dedicated to conquer pediatric cancer. For 5 years, they have held many fundraisers and events to raise money for our cause, and this money has continued to go towards paying for children's hospital bills and funding pediatric cancer research. I am proud to be part of this 2021 No Shave November fundraiser which will hopefully raise a grand amount of money for a good cause. 

Winning this fundraiser means that my team, Team Skinner, must raise the most amount of money compared to the other teams, as well as me deciding the fate of two of the losing male teachers' beards and facial hair.

If I were to win in this No Shave November fundraiser, I would LOVE to see the losing teachers in agony, embarrassment, and disgrace, as they walk the halls of this school with rainbow-dyed and terribly-shaved beards.

Please help me and my fellow teachers (Kathryn Bogdan, Beverely Schwartzenburg, Carla Estocsin, Jeanette Offenbacher) achieve our fundraising goal of $510 to raise money to my team (which will WIN). 

Thank you,

Charles Skinner

For The Kids®!

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