Hello Friends and Family!

My name is Mr. St. Germain, and I have been a teacher at GMHS for 3 years working as a para-educator supporting the math sector. I love being able to work with students and kids about any problems they may have (math or not) and in being given the opportunity to help children around the world, I am beyond grateful.


Some personal things about me, my favorite food is lasagna (pasta and cheese all day), and I love to play video games (Mario Kart King). I am currently participating in Great Mills High School’s No Shave November Mini-THON fundraiser, where I will be growing out my beard for the span of the month. I am excited to WIN this fundraiser and beat out all of my fellow teachers (notice how I did not say competition). 


All of the donations towards my donor drive will go straight to Four Diamonds where the money will be used to support breakthroughs in childhood cancer research and to find more effective treatments through clinical trials, saving lives. Thank you for all of your time and donations and for helping me support this cause.

For The Kids®!

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