Greetings Family, Friends, & Alumni!

My name is Brian Weisner, and as a proud Penn State alumni, I have a passionate, undying love for interesting facial hair, mathematics, and conquering pediatric cancer. Along with conquering pediatric cancer, in my free time, I enjoy releasing my inner child to have fun with my children. My children are part of why I am so passionate about this fundraiser. I couldn't even imagine one of my own children having cancer and not being able to be greeted in the morning with their beaming smiles, not being able to listen to them telling me about what they learned in school, and most of all, not being able to feel their unconditional love. 

No Shave November is a fundraiser collecting funds to support GMHS Mini-THON and the Four Diamonds organization in our efforts to abolish pediatric cancer. In this fundraiser, myself and others are having a friendly competition to see who can raise the most money. For the entire month of November, all participants are growing their beards. Whoever raises the most money can decide what the losers have to do to their facial hair. When I win, my fellow teachers will have to shave the left side of their face so that for the next few weeks they will be reminded that Weisner is RIGHT.

Mr. Taggert, Ms. Bowen, and Ms. Winkleman, in a selfless act of love, have offered their valiant support to myself and my cause, and I encourage you to do the same.

Please assist my team and myself reach our goal of seven hundred fifty dollars and help put an end to pediatric cancer!


Brian Weisner

For The Kids®!

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