Hello Friends and Family!

My name is Lily Schaller, and I am taking a stand against childhood cancer by joining thousands of Mini-THON® student volunteers who are fundraising for Four Diamonds.  

In the U.S., more than 16,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year - that's one child every 33 minutes.

The dollars I raise will support Four Diamonds' research to better prevent, diagnose, treat and cure childhood cancer. Thanks to our support, Four Diamonds scientists and doctors can accelerate their work to:

  • Conduct clinical trials that leads to new treatments and drugs;
  • Offer treatment and hope to patients whose disease is not responding to therapy;
  • Foster collaboration with doctors and scientists around the world; and
  • Train researchers so we can continue to fight for the next generation.

Cancer is hard on any family, and Four Diamonds helps those families by making sure that they never see a medical bill for their child's care. This allows the families to focus more on their child, and less on the bills. 

Please join me in the fight to conquer childhood cancer by donating today!

For The Kids®!

💙💛 Lily Schaller 💙💛

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