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Every child deserves the chance to live, the opportunity to be a kid, a teenager, and a parent.  Addison was robbed because of cancer... an inoperable and non treatable brain cancer called Diffused Intrinsic Glioma.  DIPG -- four letters that changed the worlds of everyone that loved that sweet girl.  

The Four Diamonds supported us through our battle with cancer.  They were there to provide emotional, financial and mainly medical support to Addison and our family. Without this organization, I don't know how we could have managed.  The Four Diamonds allowed us to focus on what was important, Addison's care.  They took care of everything else for us -- paying for expensive, experimental treatments, physical therapy, music therapy, prescriptions, arranging for a chair lift, and much much more.  We are eternally grateful for the staff and the supporters of this organization.


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