Ayden was diagnosed with cancer (leukemia) when he was 27 months old. We were told there was a very good chance of curing him with standard treatment. We soon learned that due to certain factors, he was considered very high risk for relapse. Three months before he was supposed to complete his 3.5 years of treatment, we learned he had relapsed, despite still being on daily, weekly, and monthly chemotherapy. After repeated attempts with chemotherapies (that were either new to him or high doses of chemos he had before) failed to get him into remission, we were so scared. When we were told he was just about out of options, we could not believe this. Quite frankly, if it was 5 years earlier, we were told, he would have been out of options. 

Thankfully, Ayden was able to receive an immunotherapy drug that had only been used in a few children and then participate in a clinical trail at CHOP, which, thankfully, did allow him to achieve remission. After a long hard recovery at CHOP, he was transferred back to Hershey for his continued care and we pray he remains in remission. 

Research is why Ayden is still fighting today. Our hearts have broken many times, as we have met many young fighters who needed options that were not there. We understand all to well how important and desperately needed research is on childhood cancers. Therefore, we will walk again, and raise awareness and funds, to help find more options. 

We need researchers to find CURES for these cancers, not just treatments for them. Therefore, we ask you to consider helping support this cause that is so very close to our hearts, by either joining us on TEAM AYDEN or by donating. Every dollar helps. Every step closer to a cure counts. 

Statistics say that in the U.S., more children die from cancer than any other disease, but Four Diamonds is working to change this reality. With the help of people like you, Four Diamonds supports more than 80 pediatric oncology research professionals who are learning more about how cancer forms, how it can be treated and how treatments can be more effective. This life-saving research will benefit children around the world. For more information, visit www.FourDiamonds.org.

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