Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dancer?

A dancer is a high school student, wearing a mini-THON t-shirt, abiding by the standing policy.  These students will participate in the 12 hour dance marathon and will remain standing within the facility for 12 hours straight.

What should I expect as a Dancer at Mini-THON?

There will be hours designated to themes such as Fitness, Beach, Carnival, Game, All Around the World, School Spirit, and Talent. Activities will include Zumba, Inner Strength Fitness, Square-Dancing, and sports outside. There will also be bands playing throughout the day.


What do I bring to Mini-THON?

There is no need for outside food or drinks because beverages and food will be provided throughout the day. A charging station will be provided so dancers do not have to bring any electronic chargers with them. Wear your Mini-THON t-shirt (your t-shirt is your ticket into the event). Make sure to have an active pair of shoes! NO outside food or drink allowed past bag check because beverages and food will be provided throughout the entire day.  Large bags are not suggested. There will be a bag check to store your small items. You can bring money to purchase merchandise. 


Am I allowed to come late/leave early to MiniTHON if I am a dancer?

ALL dancers MUST stay the entire duration of MiniTHON unless permission has been granted before the event through an Advisor. 

Where do I park?

Dancers should park in the back parking lot by the tennis courts. Parking in the Athletic Office Parking Lot will be reserved for Mini-THON families ONLY. 

Can guests outside of those who attend Freedom and Liberty High School visit during mini-THON hours?

The event will be open to the public throughout the whole day free of charge; however, donations to add to our total are greatly appreciated. There will be a separate area for visitors to observe the event. 

Will there be trained officials to accommodate any needs?

Yes. At the event there will be trainers and nurses to take care of any medical needs. There will also be police officers and staff members to assure safety and contain all participants.

How can I tell a guest from a mini-THON participant?

Anyone involved in the 2019 BASD Mini-THON will be wearing a t-shirt with the logo. 

How do I address the Four Diamonds Families?

The Four Diamonds families will be wearing special t-shirts. The kids within the families are there to have the time of their lives, so make sure you put the effort into making their day as special as possible.  Remember: We dance FOR THE KIDS!

Am I allowed to personalize my Mini-THON shirt?

Yes.  Please make sure your attire follows the rules of the BASD Code of Conduct. You will be asked to leave the event if you do not abide by them.